NA - דירה/דופלקס/ד.גג/יח. דיור/מחולקת

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Property ID 2897150 Sqm Area7 BedroomsFloors 4ElevatorShelter

₪1,845,000 - דירה/דופלקס

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Property ID 2889121 Sqm Area5 BedroomsFloors 4ElevatorShelter

₪4,400,000 - פנטהאוס

Penthouse apartment in central area! Stunning Jerusalem views with balconies surrounding it entirely!

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Property ID 2314172 Sqm Area6 BedroomsFloors 3

₪2,050,000 - Apartment

דירה שמחפשת משפחה חדשה, עברה הרחבה ושיפוץ בשנה האחרונה עם חדרים מרווחים וגישה לנכים.

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Property ID 214775 Sqm Area4 BedroomsFloors 2

₪1,320,000 - Apartment

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Property ID 256778 Sqm Area3 BedroomsFloors 2ElevatorShelter

₪1,635,000 - Apartment

Manicured and SPACIOUS 4 room apartment with a classy touch! Tons of natural light and…

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Property ID 2494116 Sqm Area4 BedroomsFloors 3ElevatorParkingShelter

₪2,100,000 - Duplex

With a gorgeous views from Ramat Shilo, this apartment has two floors and spreads over…

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Property ID 2430170 Sqm Area8 BedroomsFloors 2ParkingShelter

₪2,190,000 - Duplex

דופלקס מושקע מאוד, עם המון תוספות. גינה ענקית, פרגולה, סלון ענק. מטבח מודרני גדול. אפשרות…

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Property ID 2352133 Sqm Area5 BedroomsShelter

₪2,090,000 - Garden Apartment

This gorgeous secluded property boasts a garden with over 10 different types of fruits. Coupled…

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Property ID 2132124 Sqm Area5 BedroomsFloor -3ElevatorParkingShelter

₪2,600,000 - פנטהאוס

Dream home! Penthouse with unique character and design. Very modern look combined with a warm…

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Property ID 2371137 Sqm Area5 BedroomsFloors 4ElevatorParkingShelter